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Shield Obsidian is a magazine about ways to experience magic in our everyday lives. The potential for magic lives and breathes in every one of us, in every living thing, in every particle in the universe. But magic doesn't act in the world of consensus reality, although its results may manifest there. It's in the twilight world between light and darkness, where we suspend our everyday beliefs and come closer to touching every hidden possibility, that you will find magic.        

Obsidian is named for the black volcanic glass that has been used in magic and ritual for centuries. Like that black, mirrored surface, Obsidian's articles reflect a multifaceted magical world view, diverse in its beliefs and calling each of us to our own path. Articles, interviews, poetry, and reviews cover many topics, from Celtic mythology to ancient Egyptian culture to village wisecraft. Obsidian is produced with an eye toward imbuing the spiritual quest with insightful passion, and is written by magical people for magical people.

We believe in a world where magic is real...because it is.


Obsidian 4 cover Obsidian is created by a small staff of writers, editors, and designers. Most of us have known each other for years, and most of us have been involved in publishing other magazines about magic—FireHeart, Mezlim, Tides, and Harvest, to name a few. We're working on our staff page, so soon you'll be able to see who we are and what we think about magic (sometimes).

Our goal is to publish Obsidian four times a year. So far, we've published less often than we'd like, but we're doing everything we can to bring you Obsidian on a regular schedule. As a result of our schedule, our subscriptions are for four issues instead of for a year. Our subscription price is $19 US for four issues, and back issues (#1-#3) are $5.50 plus $1.50 postage. If you'd like to order our current issue, #4, pay the cover price of $6.95 and we'll pay the postage. To subscribe or order individual issues, go here.

If you'd like to submit an article, this page will give you our guidelines. If you'd like our art submission guidelines, please write to me.

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