Obsidian is proud to announce that we will be sponsoring the sites of artists, writers, and organizations working to create magic in the world. Our first such site will sponsor the Daughters of the Flame, who tend the flame in honor of the Goddess Brigit, modeled after the perpetual fire that once burned in Kildare. We will also soon be sponsoring a site for Normandi Ellis, author of Awakening Osiris and Dreams of Isis, which will feature her writings and workshops.

Dreams are a very strong source of magic for me, and I am hoping to create an ongoing dreaming community in our Blacklight section, in which each dreamer shares his or her ongoing magical dreams. My fondest hope is to create a linked web of dreamers whose dreams begin to intertwine and weave a tapestry of deeper meaning for the magical community at large as well as the dreamers themselves. If you're interested in being part of this project in some way, please contact me.

Obsidian staff member Jim Cairo has teamed up with Scott Fray to create a Finnish bone oracle which we hope to have up and running in Blacklight soon. Come check it out and submit your question to the oracle.

Now that our Reviews section is online, we'll be adding new reviews as often as we receive material to review. We expect to have the latest offerings from Inner Traditions, Harper SanFrancisco, Samuel Weiser, Phoenix Publications, Eschaton Productions, and Llewellyn. Take a look at our Received for Review list, check out your local bookstores, and visit publishers' sites online. Then let us know what you'd like to see reviewed.

For the month of March, Blacklight Stories will feature trees. Renowned for their place in a magical world, trees are extraordinarily sensitive and responsive to human beings and their magic. Come by and read our stories.

Our Meet the Staff page is coming together slowly, but it's beginning to take shape. Soon you can find out who we all are and some of what we really think.


Issue 5 of Obsidian will feature a Magical Miscellany. Some of its features include:

Heket, Exceed Your Prosthesis
By Scott Fray and Pythia. An exploration into the cultural, mythic, archetypal, and biological evolution of gods and goddesses as they move through time. Heket, ancient Egyptian frog goddess, is chronicled in her metamorphosis into Hecate, Queen of the Witches.

Heaven's Vault, a poem by Colleen Anderson

Also coming in our next issue:

  • Head of the Goat by Casey Wolf
  • Green—a poem by Peg Aloi
  • The Celtic Arts of Seership by Mara Freeman
  • Part 2 of The Charmed Pot by Myrriah Lavin
  • Part 4 of The Wheel: Intermediate Level Magic

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