Keepers of the Flame

Groups Who Honour Brigit
By Tending Her Perpetual Flame

The Brigidine Sisters

These Catholic sisters have houses in Australia, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, UK, and the USA. The sisters in Ireland relit Brigid's flame at Kildare, the home of the original abbey, in 1993. The Brigidines of Australia write on their web site:

We are a small, diverse and prophetic group of women inspired by the person of Jesus and the vision of Brigid of Kildare and Daniel Delany. There is mystery at the heart of what holds us together, expressed in shared symbols, stories, and experiences. We engage with the issues of our time, stand in solidarity with the oppressed and seek to build a more inclusive community.
We move forward into the future, conscious of many ambiguities, living as women religious at this moment in history. In the midst of diminishment, as we move toward our bi-centenary, we will continue to seek new ways of affirming the aspects that bind us as community and to search for new ways of being generative. In this context, we go forward with openness to risk and a fidelity to our shared story.


Daughters of the Flame

The Daughters of the Flame consists of three cells of nineteen shifts each. We wish to remain small and to be accessible to women who do not own computers, so although discussion often takes place via email, communication by letter is also encouraged, and a yearly newsletter is published, containing, among other things, members' articles, letters, poetry and artwork.

The time committment is one day out of every twenty; how much of that day is spent in active devotion and in what way is for you to decide. If you are not able to set the entire time aside for occupations that spring from your spiritual work, it adds tremendously to the day to make a point of recalling periodically the sacred activity you are engaged in, and use it as a platform for contemplation, however your day is spent.

We start at 2:00 AM Irish time, which works out to 6 PM Pacific and 9 PM Eastern time in North America, with a nice round noon in Sydney, Australia. If you wish to join the Daughters of the Flame -which may involve a period of waiting for a shift- please write to us at the address below and tell us a little about yourself and what draws you to this devotion. Please include a donation of $5-15, based on your income, to offset costs. If this is a problem, get in touch anyway and we can talk about it. Remember to indicate in any correspondence which parts, if any, you don't want published in the newsletter -just in case!

We would love your help in assembling information about the original Daughters of the Flame, and about the Goddess Brigit and Her saintly counterpart, as well as artwork for the newsletter and a reading list/library (including articles, with publishing information, that we have gleaned from various sources) for those who want to pursue their study of Her. Please also consider whether you wish to be part of our discussion group, the Dinner Table (where better to talk about important and silly things, and keep in touch with your sisters?) or the Altar, which responds to requests for special thoughts and candles around important moments in our lives, whether celebrating with each other, witnessing our strength and beauty, or lending support during difficult passages.

For more information please write to:

Daughters of the Flame
#14-2320 Woodland Drive,
Vancouver, B.C., V5N 3P2, Canada

Ord Brighideach

Ord Brighideach is a sister organization of flame-keepers begun by Ruadhán ní Mabon. She began as a Daughter of the Flame but wished to create a group accessible to many more people, men and women, and entirely accessed through the internet. See their large and wonderful web site for more information. Look for Brighid's Crossing-an email discussion list (open to non-members) belonging to Ord Brighideach..

They are located on the Web at:

NOTE: Daughters of the Flame and Ord Brighideach are separate organizations. A shift in one is not a shift in the other and double shifts are not given out due to the small size of DoF.

Starting Out

If you are interested in starting a similar group yourself, we would be happy to discuss it with you, provide you with a spreadsheet to sort out shifts, and remain a resource, though with limited time, I'm afraid.

If you have already begun or joined a flame-keeper group not on our list, we would love to know who you are.

Blessed Be!
Mael Brigde

Brigid of the Morning

Rowan Fairgrove
I am the poet and the poem
The inspiration in the night
I stand beside the Tarb Feiss
And whisper wisdom low and true
I am the shining sun of morning
A fire that burns inside the head
My gifts are knowledge and transformation
I pound and quench and draw out souls upon the forge of time
The flowing waters of my well
Soothe womb and soul alike
At childbed I am the midwife who brings new souls to birth
For mine is the gift of life.
Those who seek me will find nourishment
I am the brewer of new ale
I am the baker of the grain
All acts of transformation will I aid
The seed becomes the shoot
The shoot grows as its nature dictates
Thus has it always been and always shall be
I am the vitality of fire that dwells within.

copyright © 1998 Rowan Fairgrove. All Rights Reserved, used with permission. This conjuration can also be found at